In this live 3 day event join a collective of leaders committed to conscious and compassionate leadership. Map the power gaps that create distortions and interference patterns in your leadership. Learn foundational Freedom To Lead practices to unleash authentic authority. It’s not just what you do but who you do it.


  • How to know your value and stop hustling for your worth

  • How to ride your top game of innovation without burn out

  • How to thaw out guarded protection and live in the strength of vulnerability. 

  • The 3 biggest pitfalls hijacking the performance of today’s top entrepreneurs (and how to avoid them)

  • 3 Keys to dissolve crippling anxiety & overcome overwhelm

  • How to dissolve fog and confusion and lead with clarity

  • High execution performance secrets (and they're not what you think)

  • How self protection gets in the way of taking necessary risks

  • How and why you need to get clear on your blindspots if you don’t want your mission to crash and burn

  • How to get know your values and align to them

  • What its like to take off the armor and let transparency lead the way

  • How to let go of the death grip of control that gets in the way of elite-level success

  • Why comparison robs you of your dignity

  • Learn best practices to dissolve the limiting beliefs and behaviors standing between you and high performance leadership

  • How to move from numbing to decisiveness and boundary setting

  • How your shadow clouds the truth of who you are

  • Why leading in uncertainty is not weakness but lends itself to new possibility

  • Communicate from strength, not fear

  • How to transmute the shame hiding behind perfectionism and lead with humanity