Lead with the power of a courageous heart

June 14, 15, 16 in San Francisco, CA

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Freedom To Lead

Over the course of our lives micro traumas accumulate. And when we step into the arena of leadership they get magnified and can undermine or sabotage our impact, purpose and bottom line. They create wobbles in our systems that become exaggerated as we deliver on our mission. Sound familiar? 

Unresolved trauma (however great or small), and the associated anxiety and depression, cloud the truth of who we are. And who we are informs how we lead. Healing trauma helps to clear the lens so we can show up in the fullness of our humanity, in service to humanity, and our mission. This way leadership can reflect our innate wholeness, and not our wounds. 

And now, more than ever, the world is screaming for wholeness. Today we see the destructive nature of wounded leadership that models the manipulation and abuse of power and the divisiveness that reflects unresolved trauma. And it’s simply not sustainable for the long term growth of our businesses, movements or missions. 

The world needs leadership that unifies and uplifts. That’s in alignment with altruistic values. That creates win win dynamics. And that’s in service to the greater good. And it’s my core belief that when we heal individual trauma we can then usher in the social, political, economic and environmental justice desperately needed in the world today. Are you with me? 

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Anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, fatigue and depression make it hard for you to stand in your power or take a stand for what matters most. And the world needs you to stand as a pillar of conscious awareness and compassion to deliver on your mission.

Freedom To Lead helps you liberate your natural leadership excellence so you can lead with a bold and courageous heart. My signature system, Freedom To Lead, maps the power gaps that stand between you and the leader the world needs you to be.

  • Transform anxiety into authority

  • Shift fear into fulfillment

  • Turn burnout into staying power

  • Know your value instead of hustling for your worth

  • Lead from heart, not hurt

  • Tell it like it is. Stop avoiding tough conversations

  • Turn autopilot into adaptability, innovation and creative genius

  • And practice empathy to dissolve shame

As we rise up in leadership it demands that we excavate the basement level of our own unresolved wounds. This way our leadership can reflect our truth and not our shadow. 

I get how painful it can be when you are doing the good work you’ve been placed on this planet to do yet feel crippled and paralyzed in overwhelm and anxiety. Often times we’ve grown our vision to scale from old fear based strategies. Yet the same drive that built our success, when you’re on the verge of burnout, can also take you out of the game. Something has got to give. A new paradigm is needed before you crash and burn.

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Your innovation, creativity and purpose stem from your values. Unresolved trauma distort our values which are then organized from a place of fear, guarding and armor. Yet your leadership demands a possibility consciousness set on a foundation of trust, clarity and vision. I help you dissolve the fog of fear to help you unleash the exhilaration of clarity, action and empowered alignment.

I work with the latest advances in neuroscience, somatic, mindfulness and consciousness based practices, energy medicine, trauma healing and coaching to so you can lean into your whole heart and fulfill on your purpose. 

Often times your own pain has pointed to your purpose. And without the proper support it can also hijack your bottom line and the impact you're here to make. The world needs both your iconic vision and conscious, compassionate leadership. It’s within your power to create a new mythology to guide our future but you need to set the anxiety and overwhelm aside and stand in your authentic authority. 

As a culture shifter your job is to pioneer the truth. While full of promise this is no easy task. Yet it can call upon and invoke your highest self. The world needs you to show up with confidence, alignment and power as you take next leaps in your leadership and execute in you highest integrity.

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In this live 3 day event join a collective of leaders committed to conscious and compassionate leadership. Map the power gaps that create distortions and interference patterns in your leadership. Learn foundational Freedom To Lead practices to unleash authentic authority. It’s not just what you do but who you do it. 


  • How to ride your top game of innovation without burn out

  • How to thaw out guarded protection and live in the strength of vulnerability. 

  • The 3 biggest pitfalls hijacking the performance of today’s top entrepreneurs (and how to avoid them)

  • 3 Keys to dissolve crippling anxiety & overcome overwhelm

  • How to dissolve the fog of fear and confusion and lead with clarity

  • High execution performance secrets (and they're not what you think)

  • How self protection gets in the way of taking necessary risks

  • How and why you need to get clear on your blindspots if you don’t want your mission to crash and burn

  • How to get know your values and align to them

  • What it’s like to take off the armor and let transparency lead the way

  • How to let go of the death grip of control that gets in the way of elite-level success

  • Why comparison robs you of your dignity

  • Learn best practices to dissolve the limiting beliefs and behaviors standing between you and high performance leadership

  • How to move from numbing to decisiveness and boundary setting

  • How your shadow clouds the truth of who you are

  • Why leading in uncertainty is not weakness but lends itself to new possibility

  • Communicate from strength, not fear

  • How to transmute the shame hiding behind perfectionism and lead with humanity


  • How to fuel win-win outcomes when the stakes are high

  • To be at the cause and not the effect of your thoughts and emotions

  • To develop emotional intelligence and lead with presence and connection

  • To unleash and harness your creativity & expand your vision

  • How to listen to the calling of your heart, instead of doubt and fear

  • To continuously leap bravely into the unknown

  • Why your own unresolved trauma is your greatest liability (and how to heal it)

  • To turn your pain into purpose

  • To master change and hack your flow state

  • To make adaptability & resilience your greatest assets 

  • Whats behind your avoidance so you can be direct & tell it like it is.

  • How to lead from wholeness and not fragmentation

  • To see failure as feedback for innovation and growth

  • To transform anxiety into authority

  • How to stop running on autopilot and reclaim creativity 

  • Why hyper-vigilance is not your friend

  • To turn cynicism into hope

  • How to lead from a place of abundance, not scarcity

  • To transform indifference into curiosity and connection

  • To know the difference between power over and power with, to, for and within

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I've truly grown as an entrepreneur and leader, and most importantly as a person. I have never felt more like me. 

Stress and anxiety from the crazy grind of running a company and being a parent brought me to Greg. Anxiety was my normal state - racing through life with a check list mentality, reactive and non-creative. Unhappy. My fixes were books and speakers about being more organized, more efficient and more focused. Yet nothing worked for more than a few weeks -- until Greg.

Greg not only gave me an (intellectual and emotional) framework and lens to approach life, he has helped me access the internal wisdom I've always known was there yet was unable to trust. He provided tools and strategies to use this wisdom. Through our work, I've been able to get out of reaction mode and now have the ability to process with perspective --  I am creative and strategic again

Jamie Tilotta Green  Partner


Since working with Greg, I've received feedback from my team that I'm a more connected leader - less stressed and more relaxed.

As with many other executives working in today's global business markets, work/life balance can be a struggle. Working in a high stress environment, while facing challenges in my personal life, I found myself unable to relax and I was failing to enjoy my personal successes. Greg created a safe environment that allowed me to embrace new ideas, develop practical skills to manage daily stress, and help me reconnect to life's pleasures.    

I've found myself effortlessly applying the skills that I've learned in meaningful ways, that have positively impacted my personal and professional life. Greg has an ability to create a nonjudgemental environment allowing for open and honest dialogue.

Scott Fike  Global Protective Services and Investigations   

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I'm able to tap into my creativity again and have deeper insight about my purpose. 

Working with Greg helped me see where I was in alignment in my life and where I wasn't. Since discovering this gap, he has helped me to bridge it. I began to develop a larger capacity to handle situations that would historically overwhelm me with anxiety.  

I feel empowered for this new path that feels more true to who I am. I view Greg as a leader in both healing and in entrepreneurship and I continue to learn so much from him. In one sentence, my work with Greg has changed my life.

Rachel Nichols  Editor, Writer, Healer


I've been able to stand in a more powerful awareness about my purpose as an entrepreneur.

Before working with Greg, my physical energy was low and I had trouble concentrating on projects. A few traumatic memories had resurfaced and I was having trouble processing them. I wanted to move on with a new story. Once I started seeing Greg I found a new sense of calm.  

I appreciate Greg for his deep dedication to his work and his compassionate humanitarianism. I heartily recommend him to other visionaries who want to invest in their overall well-being and that of their business. 

Storm Arcana  Entrepreneur

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Freedom is frightening.  That is how I came to work with Greg.  I was embracing a life changing time of freedom.  A time of change that subconsciously I now realize was inevitable and in motion, but consciously I hadn't.  Greg, through his work, gifted that awakening in me.  I wanted to stay healthy and fluid through this process.  I feel Greg has helped leave my soul, heart, and spirit in a healthy place..... and steadied me to soar.

Alison Carlson  Author

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In working with Greg, I've found more clarity and understanding and my world has changed.

Prior to meeting Greg, I felt stuck and stalled, like I was in a holding pattern and not sure what was going on or where to turn to move forward; both personally and professionally.

I've made some life changing decisions and I'm finding more traction in my steps forward. I've worked through self doubt, fear and uncertainty to build more confidence.

Mark Howes  Accountant


I have more clarity, energy, and focus.

Before I started working with Greg I had issues with anxiety, fatigue, mood swings, brain fog, lack of focus and poor sleep! This made it hard for me to focus at work. 

In just two months anxiety is gone and sleep is better!

But what amazes me is how I've learned to establish new boundaries that I didn't have the courage to set before and my communication has improved. My entire experience working with Greg has truly been transformative.

Jelica Stulic  Global Benefits and Compensation Manager

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Working with Greg helped unwind knots in my thinking and feeling that opened me up to next steps in my business.

Greg aided me during a critical juncture when I was resisting the growth of my business and artistic talents. Taking next steps in my business became less terrifying and framed in manageable steps. 

We all need guidance and support. Greg creates the space to help us move past obstacles.

Cameron O'Steen  Photographer, Activist 

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Working with Greg has been transformational. My healing is now deeply entwined with a sense of purpose.

My body was ridden with pain. Past trauma, had manifested in me physically and affected me on a daily basis in the form of anxiety, intense headaches and joint pain. 

Today, I understand my body is my greatest resource and guide post. I’ve learned a powerful trust for myself to navigate the world and whatever comes my way.

Cara Zamora Palanca  Advocate, Leader, Visionary










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MY Story

As an activist, healer, entrepreneur and trauma expert I have nearly 2 decades experience helping thousands of change agents and culture shifters lead with courageous hearts and audacious visions. When you align with power, truth and aliveness you unleash the freedom to lead. 

I share the same good medicine that has helped me unravel scoliosis - a severe curve in my spine (I stand 3 inches taller today than I did 20 years ago), heal crippling anxiety, debilitating depression, chronic pain and the migraines associated with early childhood trauma. 

I developed the Freedom To Lead System - a unique synthesis of neuroscience, somatic, mindfulness based practices, energy medicine, healing touch, consciousness based healthcare and trauma healing - to liberate your natural leadership excellence. Your humanity is your greatest asset and I help you dissolve the burnout, anxiety and overwhelm that could otherwise sabotage the mission you were placed on this planet to fulfill. 

I believe conscious leadership, spiritual activism and social impact entrepreneurism are paving the way for the endearing and enduring change needed in the world today. And I know firsthand that the success of our impact is a reflection of how closely we've come to know ourselves. Our healing path nourishes our destiny so we can be unstoppable forces for good. 

I began my career as an activist and successfully helped to permanently protect over 100,000 acres of National Forest roadless area as Wilderness in northern WA. Despite this victory I experienced high burnout and overwhelm. I became painfully aware of how limited my reach and impact could be from this compromised place of pain. This awakened me to both a spiritual and healing practice that have been the foundation of my healthcare and trauma healing clinic for the last 15 years.

To fulfill my mission I've continually echoed a prayer - asking for the guidance to be shown how I may be of greatest service to the world. In this way both my personal and professional development have merged as one evolutionary pathway of discovery and growth to serve the highest good. 

Through my journey I've developed The Resilience Project to teach emotional intelligence and lateral thinking to leaders and executives. Then The Touch Revolution to teach self care and trauma informed touch to healthcare professionals. Freedom To Lead is the culmination of both programs to support global leaders on the frontline of societal change.  

When you’re committed to disrupting the status quo and creating a new paradigm it demands a deep dive to mine the gold of unresolved trauma. Freedom To Lead helps you connect the dots between pain and purpose so you can leave a lasting legacy and realize the greatest expression of your vision. It’s not just what you do but how you do it.

Healing trauma is the pathway to social, political, economic, health and environmental justice. When we, as leaders, address the impacts of our own unresolved trauma we can rise up with the integrity and vision that our world so desperately needs. We breakthrough the false upper limits we place on ourselves to birth new possibility and consciousness on this planet. 

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