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As an entrepreneur, often times your pain has pointed to your purpose. It's part of the driving force behind your mission and vision. Without the proper support it can also hijack your bottom line and the impact you're here to make.

If overwhelm and anxiety are leaving you feeling distracted, scattered or stuck The New Entrepreneur Summit is for you. 

As you grow your venture it demands you develop new strategies to keep up. The world needs your iconic vision and you need to make sure you don't become your greatest liability. 

Show up with confidence, alignment and power as you take next leaps in your venture and execute in you highest integrity. The New Entrepreneur Summit helps you transform the fog of fear into the exhilaration of insight, clarity & action. This way you can get out of your own way and deliver big. 

It's time to live your legacy!



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why FREEDOM TO LEAD summit?

With the right support entrepreneurship can be a deep journey back to yourself. Instead of losing yourself in stress and overwhelm your entrepreneurial path can help you get clear on what matters most. This values based approach to leadership helps you align with your inner most center as an anchor and reference point for innovation.

As you rise up in leadership it demands you face faulty assumptions and the limiting beliefs & behaviors you've likely been running from for much of your life. To go the distance you need to make sure you don't get sideswiped by your own blindspots. This means creating a new mythology and rising up in leadership in new, life affirming ways. 

The New Entrepreneur Summit helps you create a new paradigm and disrupt business as usual. When you make contact with and integrate your shadow you can access greater authenticity and unleash the flow of your creative staying power. This way how you show up can become as great a contribution as the mission you're here to fulfill. 


Will FREEDOM TO LEAD summit help me? 

If you're Type A personality is compromising your A game then its time for a new strategy, skill set and approach. The New Entrepreneur Summit is what the doctor ordered.

If your suffering from fatigue, exhaustion, PTSD, disassociation, trauma, stress, anxiety, restricted breathing, racing thoughts, insomnia and depression then you're no longer at the top of your game. If you're ready to catapult to the next level of success without compromising your state of mind then The New Entrepreneur Summit is a non-negotiable.

Learn to ride the waves of change and breathe through uncertainty. Broaden your window of tolerance so you're better equipped to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of fulfilling a big mission. 

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What if i cant attend the entire summit?

Freedom To Lead Summit is a complete arc of transformation. During this live 3 day event you'll revolutionize how you show up as a leader and visionary. If you're not able to fully commit to the all three days, we suggest you choose a future Summit. Being total with your full presence will ensure you get the most out of the Summit. The success of your venture will grow from this same next level totality and commitment.


what are the start and end times of the new entrepreneur summit?

Check in is 8:30am on Friday morning. Event hours are 9am-6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 


Where is the new entrepreneur summit located? 

San Francisco location TBA








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